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Community Message from Chief of Police
Community Message from Chief of Police Richard Lucero

As the Fremont Police Department enters a period of transition, it is helpful to acknowledge the nature and character of the community we serve.  The people of Fremont have a high sense of personal responsibility and accountability.  Our citizens both value and participate in preserving the level of public safety we enjoy.  It is a privilege to serve in a city where the community appreciates the work of its public servants. 

As a municipal police agency, our department is fully committed to our responsibility of identifying, confronting, arresting, or disrupting the offenders causing the greatest harm to the people we serve.  We are also vigilant in the spectrum of public safety and community leadership as it relates to areas such as preserving the sanctity of the education environment, minimizing traffic injuries, and meeting our homeland security obligations, as well as assisting in situations involving people in personal turmoil.  In meeting these and all our obligations, we affirmatively seek to align our efforts with the mandates and contributions of other service organizations in the community including neighborhood groups, education providers, other government entities, the business community, faith based and non-profit organizations. 

The people of the city of Fremont are respectful of the rule of law.  We see this value reflected in the functioning of our police organization.  Our department consistently invests in training and policy development helping assure we adhere to the bounds of the Constitution, as well as statutory changes and interpretive case decisions.  At the individual level, members of the organization also study on their own in order to remain accurate in their understanding of how they can apply their authority.

Our department has had a culture of continually evolving our competencies and practices as well as applying available technology all related to public safety effectiveness.  In this regard, we look forward to our continued organizational growth and development. 

Speaking for myself personally, it has been a professional honor to serve with this department and an extraordinary honor to be placed in this position.  I welcome direct interaction and look forward to establishing a strong relationship with the community.  Please contact me at 510-790-6811 or by email if you would like to provide comment or I may be of assistance to you.

Thank you,
Richard Lucero