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The Patrol Unit is the largest in the Department, comprising of more than 160 personnel.  For patroling purposes, the City is divided into three zones.  Each zone has a day, swing and mid-night shift Patrol team.   The Patrol teams consist of both sworn and professional staff that provide frontline field services.  Each team is supervised by a Police Sergeant and each shift is managed by a Police Lieutenant (Watch Commander). The number of Officers and Community Service Officers assigned to a shift is based upon a number of factors including; current staffing levels, criminal activity, calls for service, and other information, which helps dictate deployment strategies.

City Zones
The city is divided into three geographical zones:
  • Zone 1 – Central Fremont
  • Zone 2 – North Fremont
  • Zone 3 – South Fremont

Watch Commanders

Lieutenant Tom Severance (A Side – Days)

Lieutenant John Harnett (A Side – Swings/Midnights)

Lieutenant Fred Bobbitt (B Side – Days)

Lieutenant Michael Tegner (B Side – Mids)

Lt. Michael Tegner
Lt. Michael Tegner
B-side Swings/Mids
Watch Commander

Phone: (510) 790-6960

Acting Lt. Tom Severance
Lt. Tom Severance
A-side Days
Watch Commander

Phone: (510) 790-6906

Fred Bobbitt
Lt. Frederick H. Bobbitt Jr.
B-side Days
Watch Commander

Phone: (510) 790-6917

photo of Lt. John Harnett
Lt. John Harnett
A-side Swings/Mids
Watch Commander

Phone: (510) 790-6705