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You Are Not Alone (Y.A.N.A.)
What is Y.A.N.A.?
You are not alone flyer

Y.A.N.A. is a FREE telephone reassurance program for City of Fremont residents.

In the City of Fremont we want our elderly, disabled and shut-in citizens to know that they are never alone.  With the Y.A.N.A. program, Fremont Police Volunteers will provide the elderly with peace of mind and a sense of security for those who enjoy the independence of living alone but realize that a medical crisis could render them helpless.

How does Y.A.N.A. work?

Police Volunteers call enrollees daily, Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM-12:00 PM.  If an enrollee does not answer the phone after several attempts, a series of steps follow to ensure their safety and well-being.

How do you enroll in Y.A.N.A.?

Complete the Y.A.N.A. Interest Form and return it to the Fremont Police Department at the address provided on the form, by faxing the form to (510) 790-6741 or by calling (510) 790-6691.