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A Guide to Residential and Neighborhood Video Surveillance Cameras

Home System:

  • Anything is better than nothing
  • IP preferred over analog
  • Higher the resolution, the better
    • At least one camera pointing toward the street
      • One megapixel or 1080 P preferred
    • The other cameras could be of lesser grade since they're viewing distance is much less
  • 30 day storage.  1 TB should be ok for most systems.  More storage is needed.  If higher-quality video is used.
  • Camera location/orientation
    • At least one pointing toward the street (this should be your highest definition camera)
    • front porch
    • side gate
    • rear door/backslider
    • Do not point directly into a door or window of a neighbor.

Neighborhood Camera:

  • Some neighborhoods have privately funded a camera system
  • Cameras should face ingress and egress points
  • Position the camera to take a frontal and/or rear picture of vehicles
  • Quality of camera should capture enough detail so that we can later zoom to read the license plate and/or clearly depict the suspect’s face.  2 megapixel camera will work for most residential streets.  The formula is 40 pixels per foot width.  Most residential streets are no more than 40 feet across, therefore 1600 pixels or 1.6 megapixels is desirable.
  • If are the camera is located farther away, a magnification lens may be needed so that the edges of the camera view captures the entire width of the street. 
  • Camera needs to be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, 4g or ethernet cable (cheaper).
  • Camera needs to be connected to a server with 3 TB of storage, and software to manage the video.
  • Camera will need to have a power source.
  • Neighborhoods have placed cameras on a pole or neighbors homes.  The advantage of a home is that there is usually a power source and Internet access.

Register Your Camera:

NOTE:  Cameras can be mounted on private property only.  They cannot be mounted on telephone poles, street light poles or other City sign poles (street signs, directional signs).  Cameras can be positioned to capture anything you can see with your eye.  They cannot be directed into private areas such as bathroom or bedroom windows.