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City-wide Video Surveillance Camera Project

City-wide Video Surveillance Camera Project

The Fremont Police Department is continually interested in fully utilizing technology in an effort to protect our community.   On June 17, 2014, the Police Department will ask the Fremont City Council to allocate funds for a community-based video surveillance camera project in the City of Fremont. In anticipation of this request, we are seeking your input and feedback about this project. Do you think community-based video surveillance cameras would enhance public safety and make our community safer?


The Fremont Police Department is committed to preventing criminals from impacting our city.  In this regard, the Police Department seeks to quickly apprehend suspects, minimizing their ability to further victimize our community.  To meet this end, the Police Department has deployed several strategies, to include focusing on serious and habitual offenders, increased two-way communication with the community, and encouraging use of home and commercial video surveillance.
Fremont's residential burglary rate decreased by 27% from 2012 to 2013 and although this reduction is significant and makes our community safer, we believe we can do more.  The Fremont Police Department believes the use of video surveillance on public roadways in key areas will further lower crime rates through the expedient apprehension of suspects who commit crimes in our city.  The proposal for the initial phase will be to place video surveillance cameras and license plate readers at some of the city’s most commonly traveled entry and/or exit points.   This affords the greatest likelihood of capturing an image of suspects, their vehicles, and their license plates as they enter or leave the city.  

In taking this step, the City and the Police Department are respectful of the privacy interests at issue when personal information is collected, and we take our responsibility to preserve privacy very seriously.   Video recordings will be stored on a secure server at the Fremont Police Department, where they will be saved for 30 days before being purged.  Video will only be saved for longer than 30 days if it is evidence in a specific crime.  License plate reader data will be stored for one year, likely made available to other law enforcement agencies through data sharing agreements and utilized in compliance with all federal, state and local laws.  Similarly, license plate reader data will only be retained for longer than one year if it is evidence in a specific crime.

Proposed Project Scope:

  • Installation of 10-12 community based video surveillance cameras at entry and/or exit points of the city. Map

        1)      Westbound Thornton Avenue onto northbound Interstate 880.

        2)      Northbound and southbound Fremont Blvd. onto northbound Interstate 880 (north end of the city).

        3)      Westbound Mowry Avenue onto northbound Interstate 880.

        4)      Southbound Fremont Blvd. onto southbound Interstate 880 (north end of the city).

        5)      Westbound Decoto Road onto northbound Interstate 880.

Southbound Ardenwood Blvd. onto westbound State Route 84.

Westbound Stevenson Blvd. onto northbound Interstate 880.

        8)      Northbound Alvarado Blvd. at the Union City border.

        9)      Southbound Mission Blvd. onto northbound Interstate 880.

        10)   Northbound Mission Blvd. onto northbound Interstate 680.

        11)   Eastbound Auto Mall Parkway on northbound and southbound Interstate 880.

        12)   Northbound Mission Blvd. at Mowry Avenue.

  • Cameras will only be installed along and directed toward public roadways.
  • Four additional mobile cameras will be used for community events or crime hot spots.
  • The fixed cameras will generally not be continuously monitored and will only be utilized for investigative purposes.
  • Some cameras will be equipped with license plate reader technology that digitally reads the license plates of vehicles passing the camera.  License plate readers have been used throughout the country as an effective way to locate vehicles involved in crimes.  License plate readers, like video, can drastically decrease the time it takes to locate suspects and vehicles associated to criminal activity.

If approved by the Fremont City Council, the Police Department will host a community meeting to share information and answer questions about the project.

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