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Building Tours
Building Tours Overview
The Fremont Police Department offers tours of the building for education purposes to groups affiliated with an organization such as scouts or schools.  The purpose of the building is to show visitors the functions of the Police Department Units. Groups of 5- 20 individuals are led through the facility while describing each area. Each tour lasts about 45 minutes to 1 hour, ending with a peek into a Patrol vehicle and demonstration of the lights and sirens.  Tour requests for individuals or adult groups cannot be honored.

Groups are escorted through the Police Building stopping at the Dispatch Center, Report Writing Room, Briefing Room and the Crime Lab.  The tour guide presents fun facts about each department in the building and the tour ends with a look inside a Patrol vehicle, complete with lights and sirens. The group should feel free to ask questions.

Please review the guidelines before you submit the request form.

  • Participants must be 6+ years and they must be accompanied by an adult. 
  • Adult chaperones are limited to one adult to four-five children.
  • The tour is not appropriate for toddlers or babies.
  • Adults participating in the tour will be given visitor badges.  Adults will give their license or ID to the front desk personnel who issue them a visitor badge.  Their license or ID will be kept at the front desk for the duration of the tour.
  • The group must stay together and will be asked to talk in low voices so employees are not disturbed.
  • Use of mobile phones is not permitted during the tour.
  • The group should not touch or play with equipment.
  • Cameras are allowed but photos can only be taken outside the building.  A group photo can be taken once outside with the Patrol vehicle.
  • All large bags/backpacks should be left in cars.

NOTE:  Tours of the Jail are not offered.  Tours of the Animal Shelter can be arranged by contacting the Shelter at 510-790-6630.

If you would like to schedule a tour, please complete the Building Tour Request Form.