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How established is the Crime Free Program?
The Crime Free Program was developed by the Mesa Police Department (Arizona) in 1992, and is now an international crime prevention program found in Canada, Puerto Rico, and Japan. The Crime Free Program offers permanent solutions to recurring problems and helps to prevent crime before it happens. Fremont isn't the only city that has seen success with the program; there are over a thousand other cities around the world that have seen great success with it. Several local agencies also recognize the importance of Crime Free and offer the program, including:
  • Alameda County Sheriff
  • Dublin PD
  • Hayward PD
  • Pleasanton PD
  • San Leandro PD
  • San Ramon PD
  • Union City PD

Crime Free

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1. Why should I participate in the Crime Free Program when I don't have any problems on my property and I don't have the time?
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3. How established is the Crime Free Program?