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Why is your complaint important?
The City of Fremont, and your Police Department, prides itself on being responsive to the needs and concerns of all citizens and guests of our community. Compliments, complaints, and criticisms of our services are accepted as meaningful indications of the job we are doing, and provide us with the information necessary to serve you better.

While we strive to provide service of the highest quality, we realize that with our high volume of public contact, coupled with the nature of our task, not everyone may be completely satisfied. Additionally, not all people will clearly understand the reasons for actions taken by police employees. However, we also recognize that many citizens will be grateful for the service provided and look for a way to express their gratitude.

The information presented is designed to help all members of the community have a better understanding of the process of complimenting an employee, or filing a complaint. Additionally, the page will explain what the Police Department will do to investigate your complaint.

Professional Standards & Accountability

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1. Why is your complaint important?
2. What is a concern?
3. What is a procedural question?
4. What is a complaint?
5. Who may make a complaint?
6. How do you submit a compliment or complaint?
7. Will I have to testify?