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Traffic - Red Light Camera Program

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1. What is “running a red light”?
2. The citation or notice says that I ran a red light; but I know I stopped.
3. In the pictures my brake lights are on, showing that I stopped. Why did I get this citation?
4. How can I view the video?
5. How can you take my picture without my permission?
6. I was making a right turn and there was no sign saying that I could not do that.
7. I slowed down and there were no cars coming. It was safe.
8. The driver in the picture is not me or I sold the vehicle. What do I do?
9. What happens if I ignore this citation?
10. Who calibrates Fremont’s traffic signals?
11. How much is the fine?
12. The fine is too expensive. What can I do?
13. What is a Trial by Written Declaration?
14. Can I go to traffic school to remove the point from my driving record?
15. I still have more questions. Who can I call?