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Outreach Program
With the ever-changing challenges to law enforcement, the Fremont Police Department continues to pursue its ongoing partnership with the City of Fremont citizens, business owners, and workers in order to keep our city secure.

Preventing Terrorism
Since September 11, 2001, a major concern of law enforcement nationwide is the ever present threat of terrorism. One of the most productive ways to prevent and investigate the act, or the planning of a terrorist act, is to engage our citizens, educate them, and then work hand-in-hand with them to identify individuals and/or indicators that may reveal the planning or preparation of an act of terrorism.

On that basis, the Fremont Police Department is launching the Fremont Police Outreach Program to engage, educate, and solicit cooperation with the people of City of Fremont in an effort to keep our city and our citizens safe. Fremont is fortunate to have a diverse demographic citizenry that is unique to every other community in the country. This diversity is one of our city's greatest assets and each citizen has the opportunity to provide law enforcement with information police could not otherwise obtain.

Terrorists will often portray themselves as honest customers seeking to purchase, lease and/or obtain materials or licenses in order to covertly further their terrorist plot. Because legitimate businesses may be exploited by these individuals, the Fremont Police Outreach Program will present businesses and the public with a list of indicators that may be of possible concern to law enforcement.