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Red Light Cameras
The City of Fremont uses automated red-light cameras to reduce red-light related accidents. Between the years 1995-1998, Fremont experienced a 31% increase in red-light related traffic accidents. In response to the increase, Fremont installed the first camera system in August of 2000. Fremont now has a total of ten intersections with 15 red-light camera approaches in operation. The cameras take a total of four photographs and a 12-second video of the violation.

Location of Cameras
The following intersections are currently equipped with red-light cameras:
  • Auto Mall Parkway at Fremont Block
  • Auto Mall Parkway at Grimmer Block
  • Decoto Road at Fremont Block
  • Decoto Road at Paseo Padre Parkway
  • Mowry Avenue at Fremont Block 
  • Mowry Avenue at Blacow Road
  • Mowry Avenue at Farwell Drive
  • Stevenson Block at Blacow Road
  • Mission Boulevard and Mohave Drive
  • Mission Boulevard and Warm Springs Block

Service Provider
The city utilizes the service of Redflex Traffic Systems Inc, based in Arizona, who provides and installs the camera equipment and software for the red-light program. Automated red-light safety enforcement programs using cameras has proven to be an effective tool in reducing red-light incidents and collisions caused by red-light violations. Currently there are twenty-one states and one territory which has considered camera technology for enforcement and has either passed legislation or is considering legislation to enforce red-light violations with camera technology.


Citation Information
Once a violation is confirmed, a Notice of Traffic Violation is mailed to the red-light offender or the registered owner. The left-hand side includes the driver's and/or the registered owner's information, date to appear in court, and the court's contact information. The right-hand side has four photographs of the red-light incident: 
  • The first photograph shows the vehicle at or behind the limit line when the light is red. 
  • The second photograph shows the vehicle through the intersection while the light is red. 
  • The third photograph shows the driver of the vehicle.
  • The fourth photograph shows a close up of the license plate. 

For a sample of the citation, refer to the Sample Citation link to the left of this page. In addition to the four photographs, there is a 12-second video captured of the violation. If desired, the driver or the registered owner can view video footage of the incident at the Police Department.

If you received a violation but are not the driver, you may identify the driver by completing the Identify New Driver section on page four of the citation, and return it in the envelope provided.  Or you may complete the  Identify New Driver Form here, and drop it off at the Fremont Police Department. The form must be submitted on or before the deadline noted on your citation. 

The Fremont Police Department manages and controls the Red-light Camera Program. A Fremont Police Department designee reviews and approves each citation that is issued. All violators will receive a mandated fine of at least $490 set by the State Legislature with a copy of the four photographs. In addition to the State mandated fine, a convicted red-light violation will have the penalty of one point on your driving record.  Our system currently captures straight-thru, left-turn, and right-turn red-light violations. If you have made a right-turn on a red-light and did not make a complete stop prior to the limit line, it is a red-light violation.

Access Your Citation Information
If you have received a red-light citation, you can log onto the PhotoNotice website to view your violation during the first 60 days after the violation occurred. If it is past 60 days from the violation, you can view your video with a representative from the Fremont Police Department by appointment only.  Appointments are available on Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  To schedule an appointment, please call (510) 790-6622.

You will need the following information to view your violation video online or in person:
  • Your citation number (beginning with the letter F, example: #F069960A)
  • Your vehicle license plate number
  • City of Fremont access code ("FRM")

Pay Online
For your convenience, we have provided you with a link that will take you to the Alameda County Home Page where you can pay your traffic tickets or moving violations online. Our current contract is also available via the links below:

Superior Court of California, County of Alameda

For answers to commonly asked questions, refer to the Traffic - Red Light Camera Program section of our FAQs.  

Contact Information
Jessica Zamora
Traffic Enforcement Project Specialist
Telephone: (510) 790-6622.