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Fingerprinting Services

Livescan Fingerprinting Services

In 1997, legislation was passed and The California Attorney General's Office (DOJ) developed an automated background check process that requires scanning digital images of fingerprint impressions called Livescan. This new technology enables the ability for fingerprints to be transmitted electronically

Livescan is a new technology that has the ability to capture a digital image of fingerprints for electronic submissions. Livescan is an alternative from the old ink fingerprinting method. Livescan makes the submissions of fingerprints to the Attorney General's Office and FBI instantly, making the results and responses available to the requesting agencies within days of the submission, compared to the previous method of mailing fingerprint cards that can take up to six weeks.

New employment, license and/or certification

The Department of Justice does not permit the sharing of criminal history records between employers. In addition, each license, permit or employment requires a different level of service, such as DOJ, FBI, or Firearm for example.

Fremont Detention Facility Livescan Services

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