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Places of Entertainment Ordinance & License
The City of Fremont encourages the development of arts and culture and recognizes that live entertainment establishments support such activities. However, when entertainment establishments are not operated properly, an environment is created which can have the propensity for excessive noise generation and disorderly conduct by patrons, particularly in the late night hours and at closing time.

In such environments, the potential for associated adverse public safety impacts on the surrounding businesses and residential communities increases.  In 2009, the POE Ordinance was adopted to provide a set of regulations for operators of live entertainment establishments.  In 2015, the ordinance (FMC Chapter 5.45) was updated to primarily lengthen the term of the license, clarify the requirements for security guards, and the additional of a second type of license.

What is a Place of Entertainment (POE)?
“POE” is redefined as any commercial establishment which serves alcohol and provides live entertainment.
  • Class 1: Any place of entertainment that includes live entertainment and alcohol as the primary use, including but not limited to night clubs.
  • Class 2: Any place of entertainment where live entertainment is incidental to the primary use of the establishment, such as a restaurant or bar that provides live music only on certain nights.

What is a Place of Entertainment (POE) License?

The license is a 5 year license that allows an owner to operate a venue that has both alcohol and live entertainment. The Places of Entertainment Ordinance gives the Chief of Police the authority to modify the 
business practices of a venue that has negative impact on the community.

How does a POE License benefit me as a business owner?
The license can be beneficial as it provides way for the police to advise you on safe business practices, an evaluation of video/audio camera placement, and ideas about how to run a safer venue.

How do I obtain a POE License?
Once you have consulted with a City staff person and it is determined that you need a POE license, the license application can be obtained by email, regular mail, or at the link below.


Additional Information

For more information, please contact Geneva Bosques at (510) 790-6957.