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Home & Vehicle Safety
Home Security

  • Properly Lock all Windows and Doors: To prevent residential burglary, ensure all windows are locked when no one is home.  Doors should be locked at all times. Consider also locking any side gates that allow entry into a property's backyard.  Often, thieves will enter the backyard of a property to try to gain entry into the house. The garage door should also always be closed; the garage door should be latched/locked if the electric operating system does not automatically allow a locked status when the door is closed.  
  • Install an Alarm System: Consider installing an alarm system that allow for video monitoring, allow any potential crime to be witnessed and reported in real time. 
  • Warning Signs: Put alarm permit and system signs, in a clear visible area of the front entrance.  Put additional alarm monitoring signs and stickers near all windows and entries to the property. If you have a dog, put "Beware of Dog" signs near all entries to the property. An alarm system and a dog often deter burglars.  
  • Know your Neighbors: Knowing your neighbors and their availability can greatly help to prevent crime in the neighborhood.  Start a neighborhood crime watch, and ask for your neighbors help if you are going on vacation or if the house will be vacant for an extended period of time.  

Vehicle Security
Remove all valuables from your vehicle when parked. This includes taking everything out from the glove compartment and the trunk.  Currently, the Bay Area is witnessing a significant increase in auto burglaries.  Thieves will break into cars randomly despite no valuables are visible; they.  Help us help you by removing all valuables from your vehicle.

When the vehicle is in operation in parking lots or stopped at a busy intersection, remove values from the passenger seat of the car.  There have been incidents where a suspect will walk up to a stopped car and break the class to the passenger seat in order to grab any valuables placed there.

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