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Property & Evidence
The primary duty of the Property Unit is to log, classify, store, dispense, destroy, and release property / evidence to its rightful owner, for court presentation, and/or for destruction or auction.
  • Evidence: This property is generally held until the conclusion of any pending court action. Subsequently, the prosecuting attorney may initiate a court order for return certifying that the property is no longer needed for court and may be returned to the rightful owner.
  • Found Property: Found property and/or unattended property is taken into custody for safeguarding until the owner is located. This property is held a minimum of 90 days while attempts to locate the rightful owner are made.
  • Safekeeping: This property is generally held for 60 days.


Lt Brian Shadle

Lt. Brian Shadle
Property Manager

Phone:  (510) 790-6871

Property Unit Main Line:
Phone: (510) 790-6920
Fax: (510) 790-6626