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Security Assessment (Red Certificate)
In this phase the property is inspected by Crime Prevention personnel to assess the physical security and general appearance of the property.

The phase two red certificate indicates the rental property has met the minimum security requirements for resident's safety, which includes:
  • Adequate security lighting
  • Door viewers (180 degree peep holes)
  • Landscaping for visual sight lines such as bushes and trees (For example, bushes should be no higher than three feet and the lowest branches of trees should be not lower than seven feet)
  • Pools depths properly marked, adequate lighting, pool rules posted, CPR signs posted, clear sight line into the pool area
  • Security strike plates with three-inch screws
  • Single cylinder dead bolt locks (one-inch throw)
  • Visible addressing on all units / buildings including building numbering on all four sides of the building
  • Windows with adequate locks and anti-lift / anti-remove mechanisms for sliding doors

If the property meets the requirements the property will receive a red certificate signed by the Chief of Police and the Crime Free Multi-Housing Coordinator.