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NCW Sign Information
Every official NCW group must have at least one NCW sign. The NCW sign acts as a crime deterrent by notifying people who enter the area that the neighborhood is watching and knows how to contact the police. The signs are purchased at the Fremont Police Department.
  • Each NCW sign costs $10.50
  • If there is a City of Fremont streetlight pole in an appropriate location for the NCW sign, city staff will install the sign at no additional cost.
  • If there is not a City of Fremont street light pole available, the group must purchase a sign pole and mounting hardware for an additional $36.50. Before city staff can install a sign and pole in front of the home, the group must obtain written approval from that resident.
  • If the sign is to be installed on private property, the group can purchase the sign from the Police Department; but they must install it themselves.
  • When ready to purchase a NCW sign, bring the roster, map, and sign funds to the Police Department.

Please Note: The following information on the map prior to purchasing the sign(s):
  • Pole number (if applicable)
  • Pole / sign location (address)
  • The direction the sign should face