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Nuisances & Investigations
Our Animal Services officers have a wide range of duties and responsibilities. On a daily basis, Animal Services officers respond to situations involving:
  • Rabies control (human bite investigations, dog bites, and other animal-to-animal bites)
  • Animal cruelty and humane investigations
  • Illegal animal fighting investigations (dogfighting and cockfighting)
  • Sick and injured animal pickup (domestic and wildlife animals)
  • Loose and/or injured livestock response
  • Enforcement of potentially dangerous and dangerous animal ordinance
  • Stray dog patrols
  • Nuisance investigations
  • Response to complaints related to animals at large and leash violations
  • Assistance to law enforcement agencies serving warrants where animals may be present
  • Dog and cat licensing
  • Response to dead or live animal impound requests
  • Response to rattlesnake calls
  • Public education regarding safe handling and humane care of animals
  • And more

Services for wildlife, vector and rodent problems are provided by Alameda County.