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Barking Dogs
Barking dogReporting a Problem
If you are experiencing a nuisance caused by a barking dog, notify the dog owner of the nuisance in person, by telephone, or by letter. Be as specific as possible about the dates and times of the problem.

At your request, Animal Services will send a letter to the dog owner, including tips on how to stop the barking problem. If the barking continues, an Animal Services Officer will be sent to the dog owner's home to make suggestions on solving the barking. To report a problem, please call (510) 790-6635.

For Dog Owners
While barking is a natural canine behavior, it can be bothersome to surrounding neighbors and it is the owner's responsibility to ensure the barking is not excessive. Work cooperatively with neighbors to look for patterns of when the dog is barking to help determine the cause. Dogs can be trained to "shush" on command, and there are ways to help manage barking while dogs are left home alone as well. Research dog training by reading books, searching the Internet, or consulting with a professional trainer. Prolonged nuisances may subject dog owners to fines or other legal action.