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Wildlife Nuisances
Living with Wildlife
We share our city with many species of native wildlife. They provide insect and rodent control, and although a wild animal passing through a yard is usually not a major concern, on occasion one may take up residence on private property and become a nuisance. Please see our handout on Living with Wildlife and the links at the bottom of this page for information on wildlife management and exclusion. California Department of Fish and Game regulations prohibit relocating wildlife in most cases, and removing the animal is often only a temporary solution.

Field Services
Animal Services only responds to URGENT calls related to sick or injured wildlife. Officers also respond to positively identified rattlesnakes on private property and heavily trafficked areas where safety is of concern. To request a call for service, please call (510) 790-6635. All other services are provided by Alameda County Vector Control. You may also enlist the services of a licensed trapper at your expense.

Wildlife Rehabilitation
If you have found sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife and can transport the animal(s) yourself, the closest wildlife rehabilitation center to Fremont is operated by the Ohlone Humane Society in Newark. It is staffed by volunteers and hours vary; please call (510) 797-9449 for information. The Tri-City Animal Shelter is not equipped to house, and does not accept, any wildlife. For wildlife found in other areas of California, please see this list of other licensed wildlife rehabilitation facilities.

  • Moving Wildlife
    Information from the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife about the hazards of relocating wild animals.
  • Urban Wildlife and You
    Exclusion information from Alameda County Vector Control.
  • Wild Neighbors
    Information from the Humane Society of the United States about different species of wildlife.
  • WildRescue
    Wildlife emergency response service for sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife.