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Licensing Violations
When a pet has either not been licensed after initial notification or license expires and license has been delinquent approximately ninety (90) days, the first citation will be issued for the violation. Subsequent citations and late penalties are added every twenty-one (21) days.

If you received a citation for failure to license your pet, correction must be made immediately. You must pay the citation and license the pet to avoid additional penalties; payment of fine does not include license fees. Payments may be made in the licensing office or through the Citation Processing Center.

Disputing Citations
Pet owners are required to update the licensing department of any change in an animal's status. Multiple courtesy notices are sent before the first citation is issued, giving pet owners ample notification to report any such changes. If you no longer have the pet or have moved out of Fremont, proof is required to dismiss the citation(s). You will need to provide documentation that the animal was out of your care (deceased, new owner, etc.), or proof of residency outside Fremont dated before the citation was issued. Submit this proof to the Citation Processing Center to clear current citation(s), and notify Pet Licensing to prevent new citations from being issued. If you are unable to provide appropriate documentation, you must pay the penalty.

More Information
Detailed instructions on how to either pay or clear a violation are printed on the blue postcards from our office and the notices mailed from the Citation Processing Center. The same information is also available here. Payment must be made within twenty-one (21) days from the notice date to avoid further action. You must still pay the fine if you are requesting a hearing from the Citation Processing Center, and will receive a refund if the citation is dismissed.

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