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Parking Permits for Mission Peak Residents
Parking Permit Information for Residents Living in the Mission Peak area

Resident Permits

Residents can obtain one permit for each vehicle registered to their address.  The permit can only be used on the vehicle for which it is registered and is not transferable.  Should a resident purchase a new vehicle during the term of the program, a new permit will be required.  The permits are stickers that must be affixed to the lower corner (driver's side) on the inside of the rear windshield.  Proof of registration and residency is required for each vehicle.  To obtain a permit, click here to begin the registration process.

When you login, click on your address from the drop down menu.  You will be asked to prove your residency at the chosen address either through an on-line DMV verification, a recent utility bill, or a current rental agreement.  Once you register for the program, it will take approximately 24 hours for the City of Fremont to conduct a residency check.  Wait 24 hours and then re-login to obtain your permits.

Guest Permits

Residents are eligible to obtain two guest permits per household.  These permits will be used for guests of the resident and must be hung on the rear view mirror of your guest's vehicle.

72-Hour Temporary Permits

Residents living in the designated Mission Peak Parking Permit program area may obtain 72-hour temporary permits, up to 30 days in advance of the date for which they are needed.  You will need to log into your account, apply for the permits and print them at home.  There is no charge for these permits.


All parking permits issued for the Mission Peak Parking Permit program will expire on July 1, 2020.


All permits will be waived until October 1, 2017.  After that date, resident permits will be $3 each and guest permits will each be $4.


If you have trouble accessing the online processing center, please call 1-800-989-2058.