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Information on Fremont Police Hybrid and Electric Patrol Vehicles
In an effort to improve efficiency, Fremont Police has transitioned part of its fleet from gas-powered vehicles to hybrid vehicles.  Since 2009, the department began using Toyota Prius and Ford Fusion hybrid vehicles.  In 2019, Fremont Police will deploy its first fully electric-powered vehicle as part of its patrol fleet. 

Fremont PD's First all Electric-Powered Police Patrol Vehicle - Tesla Model S 85
In January 2018, Fremont Police delivered the check to Tesla for purchasing of a used 2014 Tesla Model S 85 and began the modifications necessary for the vehicle to become a patrol car. In March 2019, the vehicle began patrolling the streets of Fremont. Tesla vehicles are manufactured locally in the City of Fremont. 


Modifications to the Tesla include

  • Overhead light-bar
  • Rear flashers
  • Wheel well lights
  • Headlight flashers
  • WatchGuard vehicle camera
  • Trunk lighting
  • Panasonic Mobile Digital Computer
  • Push-bumper
  • Prisoner partition
  • Prisoner seat
  • Center equipment console
  • Armor door panels for the driver and front passenger door

Road Map on Transition to Hybrid Vehicles
Road Map to Hybrids

Going Green Timeline
  • 2008-Ford Escape Hybrid and Toyota Prius for Admin Assignments
  • 2010-Nine Ford Escape Hybrids for entire CSO fleet
  • 2015-Four Ford Fusion Hybrids for command staff and Admin Lieutenants
  • 2017-Three Fusion Hybrid Plug-Ins for command staff
  • 2018-Chief, Captains, and all Administrative Lieutenants driving hybrid vehicles; Tesla vehicle purchased
  • 2019-Tesla Vehicle soon to join the patrol fleet

Current Hybrid Vehicle Fleet
  • 9 Ford Escape Hybrids for Community Service Officers
  • 5 Ford Fusion Hybrids for Admin Lieutenants
  • 4 Ford Fusion Hybrid Plug-Ins for Chief and Captains
  • 3 Toyota Prius Vehicles for Admin assignments

Interesting History on the Automobile Industry in Fremont
With City streets designed and built around the automobile, Fremont has a long history of vehicle manufacturing. In 1962 GM built the General Motors Fremont Assembly site in the southern part of the City, which spans approximately 88 football fields. At one point in time, the plant operated in a joint venture between Toyota and GM and an average of 6,000 vehicles were built a week.  GM pulled out of the venture and on April 1, 2010 the last car, a red Toyota Corolla, came off the line.  Within two months of the closure, Tesla Motors announced they had purchased part of the plant. Today, the facility has almost doubled in size and is known as the Tesla Factory.

A Glimpse at Fremont PD's Historic Patrol Cars
Historic Patrol Car