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Report a Homelessness Concern
For more information regarding the City's effort on homelessness-related concerns, please visit the City of Fremont's Homelessness Resources Website.

Icon showing 3 tents titled Encampment

Report an Encampment-Related Concern

An encampment is a camp that has supplies set up for cooking, living, and sleeping such as a tent or other makeshift living quarters. This can include one or more people at the same location.

Icon of person in car, titled Vehicle Opens in new window

Report Vehicle Habitation

Habitation is a person(s) sleeping in a vehicle or RV parked for more than 72 hours.

Icon showing 911 titled Emergency

Report Immediate Concerns

Call 9-1-1 immediately for concerns below:

  • Aggressive or Threatening Behavior
  • Medical Care Needed
  • Harm to Self or Others
Icon showing police shield titled Non-Emergency

Report other Homeless Concerns

Call Police Non-Emergency 510-790-6800, option 3, for these concerns:

  • Aggressively Asking for Money
  • Appears Intoxicated/Under Influence of Drugs
  • Blocking Business Entrances
  • Cursing, Yelling, and other Loud Noises
  • Person Blocking Sidewalk
  • Trespassing
Vacant House entitled buildings

Report Persons Living in Abandoned Buildings