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Language Line Application

Language Line: Using Technology to Communicate with the Deaf Community

The Fremont Police Department was contacted by the Language Line at around 2012 to sign up for this service.  The Language Line at that time used the Stratus app for translation along with Stratus interpreters.  Basically it is very similar to FaceTime; the screen is split and the person being contacted can see the interpreter and the person using the app can hear the translation. 

Captain then, now Chief Petersen thought this would be a good service to offer to our community and Fremont PD has been contracted with this service ever since.  

Language Line

Highlights from CSO Kodi Goralczyk:

I have a passion for helping the deaf.  As a new CSO, I was dispatched to a collision on Stevenson Bl. involving a deaf teacher.  He had several broken ribs and could not move and no one could communicate with him.  I found this to be a wonderful opportunity to get involved with the Language Line services and offer better communication to our deaf community.

A couple of years ago I responded to a missing person's report.  The mother was deaf and frustrated since she thought that my entire interview was going to be writing notes back and forth.  I do sign so I communicated to her that we have a service to help with communication.  The elated look on the mother's face was priceless.  It helped with the investigation and ultimately learned that the daughter was not missing, there was must a misunderstanding between the mother and the daughter.  The mother was happy not only to know her daughter was safe but she was also happy to know that FPD had the tools to effectively communicate with her.

In 2018 the Language Line and Stratus dissolved their partnership and the Language Line created their own app "LanguageLine Solutions".  This service provides the same type of service to us with 24/7 access to court certified sign language interpreters via cell phone or iPads as well as on the assigned desk tops.  The units which have desk top services are at the front counter of the PD, the pre booking and booking floor at the jail (we also have a dedicated cell phone for the jail with this app should their be an emergency in the holding cells), pet licensing as well as the shelter counters. 

Fremont PD also has a separate service at the jail for those who are in custody.  This is the Sorenson service which is offered to those who are deaf and in custody.  This allows the inmate to be able to effectively communicate with his/her family and/or attorney. 

All Fremont police officers and patrol sergeants have this application on their cell phones and department-issued iPads.

This has been a useful tool on patrol.  Traffic has found this app to be very beneficial at the time of a car stop where the driver is deaf.  The app is used on a regular basis whether it be on a car stop, making contact with a victim of a crime or even suspects.