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Crime Free Program
The Crime Free Multi-Housing (CFMH) is a program designed to make multi-family dwellings and single family rental homes safe and desirable places to live. The CFMH program provides a partnership between police, local property owners / managers, and residents to foster a safe, healthy, crime free community in rental housing. CFMH is pro-property manager, pro-resident, and anti-crime.

Fremont Police Crime-Free Program Property owners, managers, assistant managers, leasing agents, office staff, maintenance staff, and anyone who works with housing is encouraged to participate in the program.

Crime Free Mult-Housing CommunityManagement Benefits
  • A stable, more satisfied resident base.
  • Increased demand for rental units with a reputation for active management.
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs.
  • Increased property values.
  • Improved personal safety for tenants, managers, and owners.
  • More time for routine management and less time on crisis control.
  • More appreciative neighbors.
  • Peace of mind that comes from spending more time on routine management and less on crisis control.

Resident Benefits
  • Safer, more secure environment.
  • Improved personal safety for renters and their families.
  • Confidence in knowing building meets minimum security requirement.
  • Involvement in the community.
  • Improved quality of life.
  • Healthier family environment.

Crime Free Mult-Housing CommunityLaw Enforcement Benefits
  • Tried and true crime prevention methods.
  • Confirmed drop in calls for service.
  • Improved quality of life for the community at large.
  • Teaches property managers and residents how to work with police and neighbors to keep drugs and other illegal activity out of rental property.
  • A community oriented policing approach to crime prevention

Costs of Drug / Criminal Activity in Rental Property
When criminals involved in drugs and other illegal activities operate out of rental properties, communities suffer, neighborhoods suffer, and property owners / managers suffer due to:
  • Civil penalties - including temporary closure of the property or property seizure.
  • Decline in property values - particularly when the illegal activity begins affecting the reputation of the neighborhood.
  • Fear and frustration - when dealing with dangerous and threatening residents or guests.
  • Fire or condemnation - resulting from illegal drug manufacturing or illegal growing operations.
  • Loss of rent - during the eviction and repair periods.
  • Property damage - arising from abuse, retaliation, or neglect.
  • Resentment and anger - between individuals (residents, neighbors, and managers).
  • The loss of other valued residents.

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