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Pay to Stay Program
Pay-to-Stay at the Fremont Detention Facility

Program Overview

The Fremont Detention Center (Jail) offers a Pay-to-stay program for qualified men and women who have been sentenced to serve time in jail.   With the approval of the sentencing Magistrate, men and women can now serve their jail sentence in our modern, clean and efficiently operated jail facility, which is an alternative to serving time in the Alameda County Jail.

Individuals wishing to participate must undergo a pre-screening for suitability in order to determine that they meet the conditions of the program. Once accepted, participants must serve their sentence consecutively and will be imposed a daily fee of $155. Additionally, a one-time processing fee of $45 and a negative Tuberculosis (TB) test will be required on or before the first day of commitment.

How It Works

Upon approval and acceptance into the program, participants will be housed in the Fremont Detention Center to serve their sentencing time.  Participants will be placed in separate sleeping quarters from all other inmates and will have access to day room areas, showers, and inmate phones.  The housing pods are limited to sixteen participants at any one time.  Male and female participants will be housed separately. 

To Apply

Participants must meet the following mandatory conditions:

  1. Hold and possess a court committment order, specifying the number of days/hours to be served and articulation that the sentence can be served at the Fremont Detention Facility.
  2. Sign and return all three (3) application documents, see below.
  3. Submit a payment of $155 per day and a onetime processing fee of $45 on or before the check-in/surrender date.  The payment must be made in cash, cashiers check or money order, payable to the City of Fremont.
  4. A licensed doctors verification of a recent (within 90 days of check in date) Tuberculosis (TB) screening test with negative results.  Participant is responsible for all costs associated with the test.

Documents Required

It is the applicants' responsibility to read, agree to and sign all materials before submitting the application to the Fremont Detention Manager.  All documents are due at least five days prior to check-in/surrender date.  Payment and TB test are not required with submittal of application and will be requested after the initial review and upon conditional acceptance into the program.  The following three (3) documents are required to apply: 

  1. Application
  2. Conditions for Participation
  3. Agreement to Follow Rules and Conditions of Confinement

Return signed documents by mail or in person to:

The Fremont Detention Facility
Attn: Jail Manager
1990 Stevenson Blvd.
Fremont, CA  94538

The Jail Manager will contact you upon receiving the documents and will inform you whether or not you have been accepted into the program.

Detention Facility

Lt. Brian Shadle
Detention Facility Manager
Phone: (510) 790-6871

Located at:
1990 Stevenson Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94538