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Brochures and Helpful Information
When to call 911 or text 911:

There are many different times when 9-1-1 can help. Here are some examples:
  • To get help for someone who is hurt.
  • If you smell smoke or see a fire. 
  • If you see a crime in progress -  a theft, robbery, or burglary.
  • If you see someone hurting someone else - a fight, domestic violence, or an assault.
  • Information on texting 911 can be found here

Never call 911 as a joke!

  • It is a criminal offense to report false crime. You should never call 9-1-1 to play a joke or just to see what will happen. When you are on the telephone making prank calls, somebody with a real emergency might not be able to get through, and help might not be sent in time. If you call 9-1-1 and hang up, we will call you back to see if you have an emergency. PLUS officers will be dispatched to your address to check on you! 
What to do when calling 911:
  • Tell the person who answers what is wrong
  • Tell them your name, address, and telephone number
  • DO NOT HANG UP until they tell you to hang up. They may have to ask you more questions. Speak Slowly Speak Clearly Stay Calm!
What you should know about 911 calls:
  •  “What are you reporting?” In the City of Fremont, all emergency calls for 9-1-1 come into the Police Dept. If you need fire or medical help, we need to transfer you to our Fire Department. 
  • “Where is help needed?” In the City of Fremont, we have Enhanced 9-1-1. This gives a display on a screen, very much like a computer screen, which gives us information about where the call probably comes from. We say probably because sometimes telephone company records haven’t been updated after a move. If a 9-1-1-call is made from a cell phone outside the Fremont area, you will receive CHP and they will transfer you to the City of Fremont. We do not receive addresses from cell phone callers. You will need to stay on the phone to provide the information.

Helpful Documents
You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to access some of the files below. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Helpful Videos

Identity Theft Information

If you are a victim of identity theft, file a police report with the Fremont Police Department AND immediately file a report with the Federal Trade Commission. After you have file a police report, submit the IDENTITY THEFT VICTIM’S FRAUDULENT ACCOUNT INFORMATION REQUEST form to your account provider(s). 
Comprehensive identity theft information can be found here